Ours is a renowned company in Calgary involved in the service of garage door and related areas. We deal with practically all important brands and types of garage doors for commercial and residential units. Everyone is aware of the significance of garage doors. They require to be in a safe and secure condition to guarantee the protection of your houses. If they are maintained on a regular basis and ensured free of trouble, you can relax in the smooth-functioning of your garage doors.

Garage Door Service

We’ve a team of fully-trained, dedicated and skilled professionals who can easily perform garage door service in Calgary of virtually all models and brands. Go ahead and install a garage door from us and keep your home protected.

The modern garage doors

At present, garage doors have turned out to become very much complex. The models available in the past were totally manual and resulted in wear and tear with regular usage. However, the present models can be easily operated. They also have attractive features. The best choice for homeowners is to replace the older models with the new ones that are available in the market. A few major parts of garage doors that have a tendency to wear out with the passage of time include metal tracks, spring systems, motors, cables and panels. We can provide service to all these components. We can also add certain technical features of the present day to your garage doors and revise them to meet the present standards.

We have a broad variety of models of garage doors to cater to the architecture and color of your houses.
Also, they are available in a broad variety of materials, such as steel panels, aluminum, fiber, wood and many others. You have the freedom to customize the material and texture of the garage doors. We are experienced in the field of garage door installation in Calgary and hence we can take care of almost all your requirements by offering superior services. You can now unworriedly go for your garage door replacement and find one that’s not only easy to be operated but attractive as well.

Garage door opener

Garage door opener is a mechanical device which is susceptible to faults on continuous usage. The first reason why such a thing happens is due to a deficiency of lubrication. Hence they should be adequately lubricated on their installation for proper functioning. If the track is damaged, it may not function in a proper manner. A majority of garage doors are placed on a track which is composed of aluminum. This metal is very much susceptible to warping and bending. The impact from tools, ladders or additional hard objects will shape them up in such a manner that the door will be unable to be closed or opened fully. In case, your opener is damaged to the point beyond repair, you can call us for your garage door opener replacement. The services will be carried out extremely fast in a hassle-free manner.

We are also involved in overhead door repair, maintenance of garage door, taking care of broken cable, springs, tracks and many more.