How To Know It Is Time To Replace Garage Door Spring

How To Know It Is Time To Replace Garage Door SpringHow many times you use your garage door in a day? Everyone knows it is not possible to identify the exact usage of the overhead door. After a successful installation of a garage door, it is time to enjoy its several benefits.

The garage door is made from a number of parts and torsion springs are the most important part of the door. Due to the heavy weight of the garage door, these springs work under a lot of pressure. When both or one of those springs break, you will not be able to open or close the door anymore. It can be extremely frustrating when your overhead door does not work as it should. Several problems with the overhead door are actually due to issues with the door’s springs.

Here are a few signs that indicate it is time to spring replacement.

  1. Loud noise: When you have broken garage door spring, it may lead to a pounding noise. The springs are located on the above of the door. A small malfunction in the springs may lead to a number of issues in the entire garage door mechanism. Once the spring break, it causes the entire door to break down.
  2. The door stops suddenly when operating: Both springs hold the garage door when it is opening and closing. When you notice the door creates a problem or it is stopping midway when opening or closing, it is a clear sign that the springs are weak or broken. It indicates the springs need to be replaced.
  3. Sagging sections: It is a clear sign that you need new springs for your overhead door. When overhead door spring starts to fail or loses tension, section of the door can begin to sag. For the best operations, you should check your door monthly by disconnecting the door from the opener.
  4. Broken springs: If you are not sure that the springs are broken, you can check it on your own. Make sure you check it very carefully. To check it, first disconnect the door from the opener and then manually open the door halfway. If it does not stay in a place, then you may need an overhead door spring replacement.
  5. Hitting the door with your car: Sometimes you hit the door with your car when you are in your car and trying to move in or out of the garage. If this happens to you, check the door immediately. May be the springs are not holding the door at a good position where it is supposed to.

Are your overhead door springs giving you trouble? If so, don’t waste your time to inspect it on your own. It is good to call a garage door repair technician in Calgary to fix the problem. A professional is able to address the issue and fix it.

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