4 Tips to Maintain Your Garage Door This Winter

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When temperatures drop, issues with your garage doors tend to arise for a variety of reasons. And when temperatures get below freezing, doors can even freeze shut. Garage Door Repair Calgary makes things simple with these 4 simple maintenance tips, you can protect your garage door from the harsh cold-weather and keep it in great working condition.


1. Lubricate moving parts

Regularly lubricate all moving parts. This is essential, you must oil all moving parts every year, especially during the colder months, to maintain your garage door!


2. Test the springs

The spring is a small yet integral part of the garage, it does 90% of the lifting when an automatic opener is used. However, they can lose tension over time, which puts pressure on the motor to work harder than it needs to. If you see any issues with the spring, you should contact Calgary Garage Door Repair immediately and an experience technician will be able to professionally inspect and repair it.


3. Ensure Your Garage Door Track is Clean

You can prolong and maintain your garage door’s life by protecting its surfaces from dirt and deterioration. Over time, debris can build on the track and rollers, which interferes with how easily it opens and closes. Eventually, your tracks may become so clogged that your garage door can’t open or close at all. Which is a hassle during the colder season.


4. Replace the Weather Stripping

Check the exterior frame weatherstripping. Is it broken, torn, brittle or cracked? If so, this will allow the cold to enter the garage and defeat the entire purpose the weather strip. Give Calgary Garage Door Repair a call and our technicians can do a full inspection.


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Regularly performing these steps will ensure your garage door is up to date. These check ups will pro long the life of your garage door and save you hundreds on costly repairs. Give us a call at 403-250-3858 for a free quote, or click here to learn more.


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